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History 목록
2019.05 Exported Battery Monitoring System 68sets to Indonesia TELKOMSEL Company
2018.04 Certificated CE (BQMS)
2018.01 Released New IBEX-BT product
2016.12 Certified GS(Good Software) – Exmons Ultra Plus
2015.11 Certified GS(Good Software) – Centroid Snet
2014.12 Exported Battery Monitoring System over 50sets to WestingHouse Company.
2014.09 Released New BQMS product
2014.03 Exported Battery Monitoring System over 150sets to Hawaiian Electric Company.
2012.06 Certificated CE (iPQMS PRO)
2011.07 Authorized ‘Inno-biz’ by Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea
2010.10 Changed company name to WATON Inc.
2009.10 Patent registered ‘Battery cell voltage and impedance measuring circuit’
in USA and China
2009.06 Patent registered ‘Diagnosis for expected life of emergency power apparatus’
in USA and China
2008.12 Authorized ‘Korean World Class Product Award 2008’
by Minister of Knowledge Economy
2008.11 Certificated NeP(New Excellent Product) by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
- Battery Diagnostic System
2008.01 Certificated ISO9001:2000
2006.12 Certificated CE (BDS)
2006.12 Certificated CE (BDS/pro)
2006.08 Certificated NeP(New Excellent Product) by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
- Battery Quality Diagnostic Equipment
2006.08 Certificated CE (IBEX-1000 / IBEX-1000P)
2005.12 Started to export Battery Quality Tester - IBEX to USA, Japan, China, England, Malaysia, Turkey and etc.
2005.06 Certificated CE (iPQMS)
2004.06 Acquired the K.T Mark in a new computing algorithm of battery impedance
2000.09 Developed battery aging diagnostic algorithm with KT.
1999.11 Registered on research institute. (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
1999.06 Developed a Q class power supply for the nuclear power plant and acquired a Certificate of authentication.
1998.02 Certificated for Superior Manufacturings and exportings.
1984.01 Established POWERTRON ENGINEERING Company in Seoul.


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