Battery Monitoring System solution

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Total solution in battery management.

Battery Monitoring System



WATON real-time battery monitoring systems allow full protection and confidence against such as battery failures.
Ohmic resistance and voltage measurements (per jar) are taken as often as every five minutes. String current, DC voltage, and temperature are measured in real-time.
Ohmic resistance results represent the condition and state-of-health of the battery, and expose weaknesses in cells & intercell conditions without stressing the battery.
Cell and string voltage results can indicate if the battery is fully charged or if there are problems with the battery or charger.
Stable temperature results indicate a proper operating environment, while high recorded temperatures can be a sign of thermal runaway.
These measured parameters will provide the user a real-time understanding of their batteries state-of-health.

BMS Advantages

  • BMS utilizes patented technology to identify early deterioration signs with all stationary applications by alarm, with enough time in advance to replace the failing batteries.
  • Adopting the world's first ripple-removing algorithm, USA patent: US 7,567,085B2, the system precisely measures the RMS impedance value and the real properties of stationary batteries in floating charge with the precision of ±2.0%.
  • When voltage reduces or power failure of emergency power occurs or alarm is occurred, the event is transmitted to the administrator via SMS through a remote communication network.
  • BMS offers the most comprehensive diagnosis software and reporting package.


  • 2018.04 Certificated BQMS CE
  • 2015.11 Certificated Centroid Snet GS (Good Software)
  • 2012.06 Certificated iPQMS PRO CE
  • 2008.12 Authorized ‘Korean World Class Product Award 2008’ by Minister of Knowledge Economy
  • 2008.11 Certificated NeP(New Excellent Product) by Ministry of Knowledge Economy - Battery Diagnostic System
  • 2007.02 Certificated BDS CE
  • 2005.06 Certificated iPQMS CE

Remote Monitoring Software – Centroid Snet 1&2

Centoid Remote Monitoring Software
  • GUI_Graphic User Interface
  • Easy to distinguish battery status (Normal, Warning, Fail)
  • Creating battery reports
  • Analysis battery trending
  • Real-time alarm function
  • Simple, Multiple data management
  • Multi communication interface and protocol

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