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Total solution in battery management.

Battery Quality Tester



IBEX is a cutting-edge digital battery quality tester by all IEEE std. recommendations for all the stationary applications such as telecommunication’s bank up power, utility switching power, UPS and etc.
IBEX measures internal ohmic resistance, voltage, temperature with the world’s first ripple-removing algorithm(USA patent: US 7,567,085B2) during floating charge.

IBEX Advantages

  • Meets IEEE Std. 1188-1996 and 2005 “Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing and Replacement for stationary applications”.
  • IBEX has a built-in type automatic measuring algorithm consisted of Normal(less than 3 seconds for measurement), Fine and Automatic, it automatically measures and stores data by contacting probes to the battery posts. Thus, it can measure a lot of cells in a short while.
  • IBEX can manage the measuring data of batteries in 15~30 different types of bank strings and it enables effective data management, data transfer to PC and easy database operations.
  • IBEX is the world’s first compact and light weight tester(One-hand hold size), it is advantageous for on-road measurement.
  • To make it more user friendly, most of its menu items are displayed in the form of icons so that even a beginner can use it easily.

Exmons – Battery Diagnostic Software

Battery Diagnostic Software

  • Exmons is a comprehensive diagnosis software to ensure the integrity of your backup batteries and any power backup systems.
  • By constructing database of the measuring data, it can be stored and managed as a site-specific tree structure in the PC. Trended battery measurement data can detect impending battery failures before power backup system is affected, with enough time in advance to replace the failing batteries.
  • Exmons has a bank-specific report printout function, it frees users from the manual documentation and allows them to utilize the analysis outcomes.
  • By saving the measuring data in excel file, Exmons facilitates documentation of the data as report printout function.

IBEX-BT - Data download Application

Data download Application
Measurement data is directly uploaded to IBEX Mobile Application with Bluetooth communication at site.
It is possible to check data as graph and Excel file sharing on your smart phone.


  • 2016.12 Cerificated Exmons Ultra Plus GS(Good Software)
  • 2008.12 Authorized ‘Korean World Class Product Award 2008’ by Minister of Knowledge Economy
  • 2008.11 Certificated NeP(New Excellent Product) by Ministry of Knowledge Economy - Battery Quality Tester
  • 2005.09 Certificated IBEX CE

Measurement item

  • Cell voltage
  • Cell internal resistance
  • Connection resistance
  • Negative post temperature


Measurement RangeBattery Capacity10 ~ 6,000 Ah
Nominal Unit Voltage0.1 ~ 60 VDC
Internal Resistance0.001 ~ 300 mΩ
Temperature-20 ~ 80 °C
Accuracy / ResolutionCell Voltage±0.5% / 0.01 V
Internal Resistance±1.0% / 0.001 mΩ
Temperature±2% / 0.5 °C
FunctionAuto ScalingAvailable
Ripple Current % & FFT AnalysisNAAvailableAvailable
Data Storage600 cell4800 cell4800 cell
Data TransferUSBAvailable
Proprietary SoftwareExmonsExmonsExmons, IBEX-BT App
Dimensions95W x 175H x 42D mm
(3.74 x 6.9 x 1.65 in.)
Weightless than 650g (including internal battery)
※ Across test range in the full-scale.


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